An article by the San Antonio Express News discusses Sid Miller’s War on BBQ and raising of fees to pay for a bigger bureaucracy:

  • Miller has spent most of his first three years in office complaining about a shortage of funding for his department, and it’s pretty clear that the GOP-controlled Legislature doesn’t respect his competence or trust his judgment enough to give him the funds he wants.
  • Miller has focused on fines and fee boosts as a way to go around legislators and generate new revenue streams for his department. The restaurant scale regulation is part of Miller’s funding crusade.
  • “There’s no question that it’s a purposeful misinterpretation of the bill so that he can keep on bringing in additional fees,” Blocker said. “This is more about his abuse of power and his attempt, in every area of that department, to generate more money to fuel that bureaucracy.”

Take a look at the full article HERE.

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