January 3, 2017

Blocker Campaign Hits Sid Miller on Liberal Fiscal Record with New Ad, “We Can’t Trust Sid Miller”

Legislature Rejected Miller’s $50M Increase, So He Raised Taxes
to Expand Government, Hire More Bureaucrats, and Pay Bonuses


FREDERICKSBURG, TX – The campaign of Republican candidate for Texas Agriculture Commissioner Trey Blocker today released a new ad that highlights the liberal fiscal record of Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller.

Citing news reports from The Houston Chronicle and an August 2017 report by the State Auditor, the ad details Miller’s request to the Legislature for an additional $50 million for his budget and the rejection of that request by the conservative Legislature.  Miller’s response was to raise fees on small businesses, including farmers, ranchers, and grocers, by as much as 500%.  In 2016 alone, these tax increases generated almost $7 million more in revenue to the Department than is allowed by law. Miller then spent at least $400,000 of those dollars on bonuses for senior staff, which violated agency policies. He spent another $100,000 on new stickers for gas pumps that more prominently featured his name, even though the Legislature told him not to.

“Texans cannot afford having a tax and spend liberal serving as Agriculture Commissioner,” said Trey Blocker. “Sid Miller’s mismanagement of TDA caused the Legislature to lose confidence in him. Instead of taking responsibility, he taxed hardworking Texans to pay for his expensive plans and ridiculous staff bonuses. Every Texan should be fighting mad about this, as their groceries are more expensive due to Sid Miller’s incompetence. It is time for Texas to fire Sid Miller. If elected, I will restore fiscal responsibility to the Department of Agriculture.”

Trey Blocker is a 6th generation Texan, conservative host of The Trey Blocker Show, and President of the anti-illegal immigration Civil Liberties Defense Foundation, which sues liberal Sanctuary Cities to force them to comply to Texas’s ban on Sanctuary Cities.


Trey Blocker for Ag Commissioner

(:30 Web Video)

“We Can’t Trust Sid Miller”

NARRATOR: “When Sid Miller’s fifty-million-dollar budget request was rejected by lawmakers, he raised taxes on small businesses by as much as five hundred percent.

“Miller’s taxes generated millions more in revenue than allowed by law, and increased prices we Texans pay for groceries.

“And while raising taxes, Miller violated agency policy by handing-out over four hundred thousand dollars in taxpayer-funded staff bonuses.

“We can’t trust Sid Miller.

“Vote for Less government and lower taxes.

“Conservative Trey Blocker for Texas Ag Commissioner.”

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