The endorsements in my campaign for Texas Agriculture Commissioner keep rolling in. Today, I’m proud to announce that we have received the endorsement of the Texas Hog Hunters Association.
“We at Texas Hog Hunters Association are proud to endorse Trey Blocker as the candidate for Texas Agriculture Commissioner. We are 35,000 plus strong and care about the future of Texas.

You embody what we stand for in preserving our right to hunt, protecting our land from harmful practices, and supporting the 2nd Amendment.”

“As an ethics lawyer, we are confident that you will faithfully discharge the duties of Texas Ag Commissioner in a way that represents the will of the people. It’s important to us that we support the farming industry as well as the ranchers in protecting their resources as well as those who consume the products our families eat.

There has been failure on so many levels from the current Ag Commissioner Sid Miller and proven sloppy execution of his duties. It’s time that Texas elects a Commissioner who is skilled and honest with conservative values.”

There’s a reason that endorsements keep coming from organizations and industries that have to deal with Sid Miller’s Department of Agriculture. It’s because they see first hand and understand just how harmful his big-government policies are to the future of Texas agriculture.

I thank the Texas Hog Hunters Association for their endorsement and the trust they have placed in me to run the Department of Agriculture with honesty and integrity.

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