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Trey is a 6th generation Texan. His forefathers were among the most respected cattlemen of their time. His great, great uncle drove the first cattle onto the XIT Ranch, and gave the ranch its name. The son of a sheet-metal worker father and a horse-trainer mother, Trey Blocker was raised with Christian values and a strong work ethic; learning at an early age the importance and true meaning of honesty, personal integrity, and the value of a hard days work.

While still in law school at the University of Texas, Trey established the Civil Liberties Defense Foundation (CLDF) to protect and defend the Second Amendment rights of Texas gun owners under threat by liberal cities and their elected officials. Today, CLDF is continuing to defend conservative values and protect Texans by suing Sanctuary Cities that continue to harbor criminal aliens and defy the ban on Sanctuary Cities passed by the Texas Legislature and signed into law by Governor Abbott. 

Draining the Austin Swamp

Trey is the conservative podcast host of The Trey Blocker Show. He founded the podcast to educate, motivate, and entertain in a way that improves political and social discourse, featuring in-depth interviews of leading conservative leaders, elected officials, and activists in Texas.

A former lobbyist, Trey left his practice after witnessing firsthand the corruptive nature of politics in Austin and deciding that public service through elected office was the best way to affect positive change for his beloved state. He announced his campaign for Texas Agriculture Commissioner on November 29th, 2017 with a pledge to restore honesty, integrity, and fiscal responsibility back to the Department of Agriculture.

Trey is life-long outdoorsman and hunting and shooting enthusiast. He earned a bachelor of arts degree with honors from Hampden-Sydney College, where he served as student body president, and a law degree from the University of Texas School of Law.  He also attended the Dallas Theological Seminary.  Trey resides in Fredericksburg, Texas.


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What are your views on local control?

Broadly speaking, local control is good because problems are best solved by those closest to them. However, we should never let a hodgepodge of local ordinances pose a threat to individual liberties or the free flow of commerce. When in doubt, choose freedom. For instance, cities should not be able to adopt sanctuary policies that protect criminal aliens and make our communities less safe.

Sid Miller claims you were a political consultant for Democrats. Is that true?

Absolutely not! Since 2001, I have advised candidates and elected officials on how to comply with the state’s ethics laws.  I count Lt. Governor Dan Patrick among my former clients. 90% of my clients have been Republicans. On a few occasions, I’ve had Democrats ask for my guidance, which I was happy to give.

Just as a priest shouldn’t turn away a person wishing to make a confession because of his political beliefs, I would never turn away a politician seeking advice on how to be ethical. Having ethical politicians benefits all of us, and it benefits Texas.

What can be done about the hog problem in Texas?

In the Spring of 2017, my opponent proposed using Warfarin to kill hogs. This set off alarm bells for people concerned about eating hogs that had consumed the poison, what the poison might do to other animals, and the impact it might have if it got into our water supply.

At one point, he erroneously suggested that he could change the federal warning labels on the poison, which is simply not true. (

His handling of Warfarin was a disaster, and luckily for everyone the company withdrew its proposal to sell it in Texas; otherwise, I’m afraid he would have pushed forward with authorizing its use.

A different poison that contains sodium nitrate is now being tested in Texas and Alabama.  We’ll see what comes of that and whether it can be used safely and effectively.

We’re balancing two issues here: (1) the hog hunting and processing industry is thriving and we don’t want to hamper that; but, (2) farmers whose crops are being damaged by hogs need multiple solutions to address the hog problem.  

This is a work in progress, but I’m confident there’s a solution to satisfy all sides.

Sid Miller claims you are a RINO and gave money to Democrats. Is this true?

Over the past 10 years I have been a lobbyist for various associations and companies, including significant agricultural interests. As part of the job, I have given to both Republicans and Democrats. 80% of my contributions have been to Republicans. As President Trump has said, it’s part of doing business.

I have now quit the lobby business because I’m tired of the corruption and crony capitalism I’ve witnessed in the past several years. Too many politicians come to Austin with good intentions only to be corrupted by money, power, and influence. It becomes an idol in their lives and the thought of losing it makes them go to great lengths, including lying, to keep it. It’s at that point that voters must send them home.

If he’s trying to use my contributions as a purity test, it’s worth noting that I’ve given 1,000 times more dollars to Republicans and Republican causes than he has.

I was raised to be conservative.  I volunteered on Oliver North’s Virginia campaign against a liberal Democrat while I was in college.  During law school, I formed the Civil Liberties Defense Foundation to defend the 2nd Amendment ( Today, under my leadership, CLDF is suing sanctuary cities to restore law and order to Texas communities.  I am also a conservative podcast host (

My opponent knows I’m not a RINO.  This is just another desperate attempt to hold on to power and deflect attention from his abysmal record in office.

Have you ever worked in Agriculture?

I’m a 6th generation Texan. My forefathers were among the most well respected cattlemen of their time. My great, great uncle drove the first heard of cattle onto the XIT Ranch, and gave the ranch its name. I’m proud of this heritage and believe that agriculture and rural Texas are the heart and soul of our great State.

Growing up, we raised horses, some pigs, and the occasional cow for consumption, but not for sale. Since graduating college I’ve been fighting for conservative causes, and representing agriculture and rural Texas at the Legislature – first, as a staffer for several rural legislators, and for the past ten years as a lobbyist. My first lobby client was the Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association. Working closely with the Farm Bureau in 2005, we helped kill the Trans-Texas Corridor and protect private property rights.

I have now given up my lobby practice to devote more time to conservative causes and to fight the corruption and crony capitalism I’ve witnessed in Austin over the past several years. Sid Miller is the poster child for that corruption. My opponent may know his way around the ass end of a cow, but he knows nothing about running an agency in an ethical, fiscally conservative, fiscally responsible way that benefits agriculture and other small businesses. And that’s what this election is about.

How are you going to decrease the size of government?

Over the years, TDA has become bloated with programs that have nothing to do with agriculture. The Department should not be in the business of monitoring scales at Starbucks, weighing lottery balls, or harassing BBQ restaurants!

Some of these programs should be eliminated, others should be sent to more appropriate agencies that can administer them more efficiently and effectively, without a political agenda. The current Commissioner has raised fees in excess of 500% and taken from taxpayers $7 million more than is needed to administer these programs – and that was just in 2016. This is tantamount to theft in my opinion and that money should be returned to its rightful owners – the farmers, ranchers, and small business owners who worked hard to earn it.

Once the bureaucratic bloat is removed from the agency, we can get back to promoting, protecting and preserving agriculture and rural Texas.

What’s your stance on protecting the Second Amendment?

In 1999, I formed the Civil Liberties Defense Foundation to defend the 2nd Amendment against 31 liberal mayors across the country who were attempting to put them out of business. I am a lifetime member of the NRA.

Luckily, we have made great strides in Texas when it comes to protecting the 2nd Amendment – from concealed carry to open carry for licensees. The next logical step is constitutional carry.

I also think we should promote programs to teach our youth how to properly use and respect firearms. This will make them less susceptible to the attempts by the Left to demonize firearms and promote their anti-gun agenda.

What are you going to do about increased fees from the Department of Agriculture?

Under the current Commissioner, fees and taxes have been raised on farmers, ranchers and other small businesses in amounts exceeding 500%. According to the state auditor, in 2016 alone, TDA raised $7 million more than necessary to administer existing programs. This is tantamount to theft in my opinion and this money should be refunded to the hard-working Texans it was taken from.

If elected, I will ensure that fees are lowered so that they reflect the true costs of running the programs of the department. I will also work with the Legislature to remove programs from the Department that are not related to agriculture and rural Texas.

Once the bureaucratic bloat is removed, TDA can focus on it’s core mission of protecting agriculture and rural Texas in a fiscally conservative, fiscally responsible manner.

Are you going to be active in fighting for Conservative principles with the state legislature?


I believe it is the responsibility of every Republican statewide elected official to fight for conservative principles at the state and federal level.

Our country is in desperate need of articulate, intelligent conservative voices who can help return our nation to the Judeo-Christian principles on which it was founded, which is why I founded the Civil Liberties Defense Foundation ( in 1999, and started The Trey Blocker Show ( at the beginning of 2017.

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